QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠)

Dolores Cannon developed her unique technique of hypnosis over 50 years and thousands of QHHT sessions from around the globe, then documenting these extraordinary lifetimes and healings in her many books.

QHHT is a powerful method and tool to access the all knowing part of ourselves … our Higher Self/Soul...that is always connected to Source/God.


What Will Your Personal QHHT session entail...
what can you expect?


Getting to know you

You'll be asked to bring a written list of questions or areas of your life that you would like to explore or have a better understanding of.

Questions often relate to:

Career, family, important relationships, health issues and the often asked “Why am I here? What's my purpose”? All will be addressed during the first part of the 'getting to know you' segment of your session. Remember...let curiosity be your guide.


Once we've reviewed all your questions and have a good sense of you as a whole...mind, body and Soul, we'll move to the next part of your journey...

The Induction

We'll take you through a safe and gentle induction to the 'somnambulistic' state – the place you experience just before drifting off to sleep – and here your Higher Self/Soul with the continued gentle guidance of my voice, will 'bring in' or show you lifetimes/experiences providing you with a deeper understanding of YOU.

Once we engage your Higher Self/Soul, you can also expect...the unexpected. Past lives, current life and sometimes even off world lifetimes can be presented to explore and learn from. * It's important to know that your Soul/Higher Self bring/show you exactly what is in your highest good at this time in your life.


Your questions answered and Healing

We'll move to Source/Subconscious (SC) where questions (yours) will be asked and answered – in Wisdom, Guidance and Council - the SC interacts with us explaining why you were shown these 'other lives'... “He/She needed to see this to better understand eg. Patience, understanding, acceptance, simplicity”; in short, the lessons we're here to learn, explore and heal from.

Once the SC has answered all your questions, we ask the SC to initiate a body scan to address health issues many of which are resolved however, we need to be willing to heal and the healing must be in accord with this lifetimes purpose.

Finally, we bring you back to 'now' reorienting and integrating your experience *from the 'Other Realms', with your life now.

Group QHHT Regression

Dolores Cannon developed a unique QHHT group regression that provides an opportunity to explore three distinct areas:


  • A previous lifetime
  • Receive a message from a Guide or Guardian Angel


We'll begin with fun visualizations to open up access to where our dreams come from and what/where our Higher Self/Soul taps into when providing us with guidance and direction in our lives.

It is suggested that you set a clear intention of what you would like to explore or have guidance on before the Group Session.

This 3 hour Group Regression session allows for 10-15 participants and promises a deeper dive into who you are.

Let curiosity be your guide!


I look forward to exploring with you!

For information or questions on hosting a Group Regression event, please contact me through the Contact section of the website.


All the highest and best,


Source/Soul knows exactly what to show you
all in your highest good.

Source/Soul knows exactly what to show you
all in your highest good.

Are you ready to
start your journey?

Prior to booking a session, I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to support clarity and intention with your questions – getting the most out of your session.

Also, I provide in home sessions within a radius of 150km of the Greater Toronto Area. Travel costs additional to session fee and 50% deposit required.