How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: Beginners Awakening Guide

The higher powers are always listening to your thoughts, and they will make manifest those desires, as well as your fears. It is up to you, and your higher self, to find inner peace in the storm of chaos or negative thoughts. That is the true awakening. Only you can decide which direction your spiritual quest goes. For those who are new to this concept, we have highlighted some great tips for you. Keep reading for this spiritual guide on how to start your spiritual journey guide for beginners.

What is a spiritual journey? Our definition

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The modern world is not the easiest condition for spiritual development, but our lives are metaphysical journeys in which we are called toward our life purpose. From time to time, our paths are shrouded by a haze that makes it hard to know which way to go. This is a sign that you have started to let go of old belief systems, and you are about to embark on a new chapter of life.

A spiritual journey definition is only definitive to the person doing the defining. This means that no one will have the same experience as you because everyday life will have various outcomes. That being said, your journey might seem similar to others, and that’s great! Relating to others is how we gain insight into this world, and from their experiences, you might understand what you want from this life.

Ultimately, a spiritual journey is a spiritual quest. It is discovering who you truly are as a human being. Your true self is a being of light and love, yet along the way, we can get sidetracked by egotistical thoughts. Spiritual growth is not necessarily becoming more in-tune with God, but rather becoming aware of others, and how your actions affect them as well as yourself and life around you. It is realizing that old thoughts and behaviors are no longer helping you progress, but rather holding you back. We are always evolving, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Remember, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

Signs you are being called to the spiritual awakening process

A spiritual awakening is never a comfortable walk in the park. It can seem scary and overwhelming at times. Many people feel they are alone during these periods, but the good news is, that you are never alone. If you are new to this concept, then you must be curious to know more about it. Here are some signs that signify you have started your awakening process.

  • You might feel a little lost, and confused about what your life’s purpose might be
  • Feeling like you were born to fulfill a destiny, even if you do not know what that is
  • You might understand there is more to life than what meets the eye
  • Your mood might fluctuate between depression and anxiety
  • Feeling like nothing is going according to plan
  • Feeling particularly sensitive to the vibrations of others
  • A sense you are letting go of previous ideas of who you are
  • Old ideas feel meaningless
  • Feel like you do not have a place in this world, and you long to feel ”at home.”

Finding your spiritual path: How to get into spirituality

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Wondering where to start with spirituality? Not to worry, we have you covered! Here are a few methods that can help initiate your journey.

  • Reading anything about spirituality. Remember the law of attraction is always working with you. If you feel confused, or without purpose, researching spirituality will start to attract situations where your spiritual development can grow.
  • Incorporate a meditation practice into your daily routines
  • Practice gratitude! This is a sure way to bring awareness of what is more important in life
  • Listen to the signs from the higher powers – they are always coming through
  • Be open to the idea of change

Spiritual journey examples

The spiritual path is not a straight line. you might go backward and forwards, and sometimes feel like you are in a loop-Di-loop. Here are a few examples of people who are going on a spiritual journey.

Our first example might be someone who grew up believing they wanted to become a doctor, or maybe a lawyer. They had a certain idea of who they are, and the type of life they wish to live. Out of the blue, a big life event happens, like the death of a loved one or a breakup with their partner. This sends them into a spiral of despair. They no longer feel at home where they once did, and the sadness they feel creeps into every thought – even the happy memories. Feeling lost and confused, they decide to go on holiday to get a new perspective or just a break from their reality. While they are away they see the poverty that other countries are facing, and this triggers a new desire. One that involves helping those in need. So a new course of action is in order, for their enlightenment lies in being compassionate.

How to start your spiritual journey for beginners

There is no “right” way to find your spiritual way, and there are many methods to starting a spiritual journey that is not mentioned below. However, we have listed below a few methods that are helpful when learning how to start your spiritual awakening journey.

1. Be Kind to yourself

The first of the steps to spiritual awakening is to not be so hard on yourself. We are all at different stages of our own journeys, and each of us goes through hardships, so you are never alone in your struggles. Practice self-care routines because without any self-love, your journey will struggle to lift off.

2. Try to work out the purpose of your quest

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The best way to understand what this means is basically to understand why you wish to invite spirituality into your life. Ask yourself where you want to end up. This doesn’t necessarily mean your life goals like getting married, receiving a pay raise at work, or becoming a parent. It means where do you wish to be in terms of yourself? Do you strive for inner peace? Or, are you looking to connect with your higher self?

As we are ever-growing and always changing, our journey’s destination will like-wise change and grow with you. Once you reach one goal, another will become apparent. Be open to the idea of change, and it will become less scary.

3. Let Go of Fear

Fear is one of the most debilitating things that all of us human beings face. It can dismantle your understanding of yourself and prevent you from exploring any further, choosing rather remain where you are comfortable. However, a spiritual awakening is never a comfortable process. It can be terrifying to some because the idea is to get out of your comfort zone.

Letting go of fear will help you take the next step in your development. It will enable you to act out those ideas you had, and maybe pushed down to the back of your mind, thinking you are not worthy to even try.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained… Remember that.

4. Explore different Spiritual practices, then commit to one

There are so many spiritual practices for us to explore and try out. To work out which one is best for you, not every practice works for everyone. One mistake that many people make, is to touch the surface of multiple spiritual practices. This is especially in the modern world where we are exposed to so many different techniques and beliefs. Social media has played a hand in this, and our spiritual growth has become something akin to a materialistic approach to life.

The purpose of a spiritual awakening is to transform yourself. this cannot be done without focusing your energy on a certain path. Of course, there is the chance that you might realize you are not on the right path, but there is always the opportunity to change your direction, even if only slightly.

5. Do not listen to doubt!

Along your path, you will meet people who do not understand your journey. They will try to change your course, but you must not let them persuade you into giving up. This is your own journey, and it is up to you and your determination where you end up.

6. Take note of each lesson

Making a record of your journey is one o the handiest and most helpful things you could do for yourself. Get a journal, or a diary, and then make a note of each little lesson you learned. This way you can remind yourself of where you came from, and show yourself the progress you have made.

Writing in a journal is also a great way to get your thoughts out into the physical world. every struggle you experience, describe it! You will have a better understanding of your thoughts when you read them later.

7. Set intentions!

Without setting an intention, your spirit guides will not be sure what opportunities to lay at your doorstep. Before you start your day, make sure to set an intention for it. That way, the law of attraction will manifest in the right situations and outcomes.

8. Integrate your Spiritual Lessons into your world

Spiritual teaching is useless without your attempt to integrate them into your life. The idea here is to not talk about the teachings you learned from your gurus but to rather show the progress you have made by incorporating the lessons into your routines. This step links with the fourth step, where you must find one path, and try to stick to it. But here, we are talking about practicing what you preach.

Other tips on how to have a spiritual awakening

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Want to learn how to spiritually awaken yourself? Here are a few spiritual awakening tips that will help to kick start the spiritual work for beginners, or the advanced spiritual voyager who is shrouded in a cloud of confusion.

  • Do some shadow work. Your shadow self is ever present, even if you cannot see it. We so badly wish to be accepted by others, that we push down and suppress certain thoughts and behaviors that someone may have judged us for once upon a time. These suppressed aspects of you start to leak out from the plug you tried to stop them with, which come in the form of confusing and unexplained actions.
  • Make sure you meditate every day. This will help you with your shadow work, as well as choosing the right path.
  • Be grateful for every hardship, no matter how difficult
  • Make use of positive affirmations
  • Read as many spiritual books as you can lay your hands on, or watch spiritual YouTube videos. There will be many lessons to inspire you
  • Hang out with your spiritual community, or find a group of friends who relate to your beliefs

Need help with spiritual awakening?

It is always a good thing to ask for help, and more people need to realize this. If your spiritual journey feels too overwhelming right now or maybe you are confused about your direction, contact your spiritual teacher and ask for guidance. This can be in the form of a trained guru, your parents, a best friend, or even contacting your spirit guides. Your spiritual adventure is only dependent on you, but guidance is always available.

Wrap up guidance

Remember we shall always fluctuate between growth and a feeling or digressing. Bearing in mind that you are never going backward on your journey, no matter how much that seems to be. Every step in your life is a part of your spiritual growth, even one that did not work out for you.

Key takeaways on how to start a spiritual journey

This is your life and your sacred journey. You can keep watch on the process and progress of others, but remember you are on your own path. Even if it has similar attributes that you can relate to, your path might not resemble the path of others exactly. We hope that this “how to start your spiritual journey” tutorial has enlightened you, and you feel inspired for the future.

Some of you might be curious to know what stage of your spiritual awakening you are at. Try this quiz we made for you, the results might help you with your journey! share with your friends, they might be curious as well!


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