About Me

"As a child raised on a farm, I had a close and intimate relationship with nature, animals and...other realms. "

Many summer evenings, I'd venture out to open fields, with the cows as my companions and lay in the grass, looking up into the night sky and imagine her infinite mysteries...and those mysteries have guided me to discover the predictable and unpredictable nature of our humanness, nature herself and the delightful awareness of an insatiable curiosity to explore.


Life continued to unfold but not without the persistent 'feeling' that I was supposed to be doing something else.


In 1987 the Harmonic Convergence changed everything...and a new course setting

I stumbled around for several years, getting my bearings as a newly divorced, single mother … exploring - when I had a chat with the 'Big Guy'.
“Okay, God. I'm dying of boredom here! Do I quit my desk job and do the Aromatherapy massage practice or knuckle down and keep doing 'security'. Oh, and if you could please let me know before my job review at 2:00, that would be great”! The answer came moments later through my car radio commenting on “It's amazing how popular Aromatherapy is becoming in North America”.

After 30 extraordinary years in the healing arts, Dolores Cannon's 'The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth' entered my life and the natural flow to accessing the 'Other Realms' began.


Inez Kelly - QHHT Practitioner

Are you ready to
start your journey?

Prior to booking a session, I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to support clarity and intention with your questions – getting the most out of your session.

Also, I provide in home sessions within a radius of 150km of the Greater Toronto Area. Travel costs additional to session fee and 50% deposit required.